Direction from an unusual source….

God: dispatched an angel….

Hebrews 13:2 (KJV) “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”

I get to wondering at times, how many times it has happened and I never did pay attention, especially when it’s been right before my eyes. I have read the books on angels and at some point I have heard preachers speaking on the benefits of being generous to strangers in need of help because it just might prove to be an angel.

I was driving through a city where I live once after a funeral to drop off visitors to the service and I went through a side street and hear the sirens behind me after turning the corner. The cops indicated I had ran a red light; of course it was hidden behind some overhanging branches. I literally came out of my car and walked the street to see how I could have missed it. I paid the enormous ticket, but I was traumatized with the experience.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be going into that city anytime in the future. A few years later, I had to go to a mandatory career function and unknowingly, my journey took me beyond that part of the city. Oops, I had to go through that city to get back home. I am challenged finding directions at the most inopportune times, so on returning, I found myself parked on a hill outside a Catholic church, at a red light, shaking as I couldn’t find my way (before GPS).

A brand new car came and parked at a traffic light right beside me; a fresh faced, young lady, was driving and was looking in the rear view mirror, fixing her hair and touching her face. She was very intriguing. She looked over at me and asked if I needed help: just so.

I told her I was trying to pick up I295; she smiled and said, follow me, then took off driving downhill. I took off behind her and it was a winding long drive, she always managed to drive through the lights before they turned red and I was right behind her. Suddenly in my mind, I was thought, where is she taking me.

As soon as the thought came to my mind, she stopped and I pulled up next to her, she smile and told me not to be afraid; at this point, it was weird. I asked myself after the fact, how she was able to know what I was thinking.

We drove for another five minutes, then she stopped again and pointed to a hanging sign saying, i295 South; I was so happy to see the landmark.

Ok, this is the weird part, on both sides of the road we were traveling at this point, there were bulwarks with no side roads for turning. I drove off and looked in my rear view mirror to see where she was going and the car was gone, just disappeared in a split second.

I knew that God had sent divine assistance to guide me out of that city in my fear and disorientation; I was happy to find my way, I was bewildered not to have known how to deal with the encounter. It was unusual. But to know that God has your back in all things is awe-inspiring.

Maybe you have met one and never knew.

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2 Responses to Direction from an unusual source….

  1. tanj34 says:

    I can sit whole day and listen to these experiences that are encountered by people, I myself had an encounter about 11 years ago but I took it light, My mom was living 5 minuites away in driving from where I was living, I had no money to travel but before I left home I prayed to God that I would see someone I knew with a vihicle, standing there lest than 10 minutes I saw a red Suzuki jeep coming,it have no roof and there was a man standing to the back of the jeep while someone else was driving, and he threw something out and yelled at me “run for it”, I start running but the wind was blowing really strong that the money was going in the direction of the wind,but he still yelled at me “run for it”, I put in speed running and finally I laid whole on the object and to my surprise it was $5.00, I stood watching lower down the road to see the vehicle around the corner but I did not see that vihicle, I said to my self “where did it go”or maybe it pass on the next side” but strange enough I had never seen that man before I didn’t knew him.

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