I am reading your thoughts….

God: knows what we are thinking even before….

Isaiah 65:24 (KJV) “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear”.

Even though we know in ourselves that God knows, He made us, He is aware of what is going on in our hearts at any given time of the day or night, yet when He manifests those things as soon as we think of it we get surprised.

You see as pointing to promises, this is one of the thousands that can be found in the word of God and the thing is we have to appropriate them for them to be activated.

I prayed for God’s favor to overshadow me this week, just because and by golly, I had to laugh with my Father because He created the word “overshadow” and knows how to spell it out in action.

God is so real that I believe He inhabits our thoughts at any given time.

Beloved, serve God and see Him dance with you..


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All about Jesus....Love God and the things pertaining to Him. Love sitting at the feet of Jesus!
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One Response to I am reading your thoughts….

  1. Equipping The Saints says:

    I love it!

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