He can’t deny Himself….

God: want you to trust Him; but if you don’t…..

2 Timothy 2:12-13 (KJV) “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself”.

In our walk we falter; real bad sometimes. It happens when we cease from exercising our faith. I just came through such a thing and it really blows my mind because I came away with the knowledge that even if you fall short, God can’t deny Himself.

In His instructions to me I was happy to do the stretching, but then it got really uncomfortable and I stopped.

That was last week; today I see the blessings He wanted to pour out on my life. The thing is, I can’t stop wondering, what if I hadn’t stopped, would it have pour ceaselessly without stopping like that Shunammite woman in the old testament (OT).

Boy I am beating myself up; but the thing that comforts me is that even though I believed not completely, He is faithful….

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All about Jesus....Love God and the things pertaining to Him. Love sitting at the feet of Jesus!
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1 Response to He can’t deny Himself….

  1. Equipping The Saints says:

    Very, very true.

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