How does He do it?


God: can dry the tears and bring a smile consecutively….

Matthew 5:4 (KJV) “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted”.

I can remember the time in my life when we as a family experience the loss of one of our own and it was quite surreal for a long time. I saw other folks in the community, at school etc. talk about losing someone, but it had never been something I had known.

When I went through that situation, I wasn’t a born again believer: I grew up in the church, but at the time I was really far away from having a relationship with Christ, as a matter of fact, I was running away from Him as quickly as I could.

The tears were harsh and they were real and they tore into me somehow and someway that I never knew was possible. But after awhile they went and I knew peace and laughter; wasn’t quite sure of the time frame, but sorrow was replaced by tranquility and the memories of the loss came, but it could not hurt anymore.

I was blessed in my mourning; I was comforted in my loss; He knew me, but I was running hard away from Him and He knew it, yet He stood by me.  What  a man…

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3 Responses to How does He do it?

  1. This post is very good. Please consider 1 Thessalonians 4:13.

  2. The True Light! says:

    Evidence that we serve an amazing God who is compassionate and patient with us…


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