Let the weak make a declaration today….

fearing not

God: can make all things reversible…..

Joel 3:9-10 (KJV) “Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up:  Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong”.

Sometimes we are placed in certain situations in life that just happens or it could be from a progressive circumstance which we never payed attention to; yet as a result we attract situations which makes us less than we can be, but we are where we ought to be.

It might be contrary in terminology, but when it is happening, we know that it is the process of which I speak. But can you understand that one minute you are feeling strong in body, spirit and soul and then like a falling leave that serenity fades and maladies take over: that is a woe.

You are filled with riches one minute and the next it is gone in one fell swoop as an eagle swooping in to capture it’s prey.

But today that can changed; when you Christ with you and He is fighting the battle for you, then the chances are increased manifold of you winning those battles. The weak can definitely say they are strong; the poor can shout they are rich and it is a reality.

Those in bondage can claim deliverance and this is the promise from God our Father: when He is in the vessel, those storms appear very miniscule. Beloved, make a declaration today…

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All about Jesus....Love God and the things pertaining to Him. Love sitting at the feet of Jesus!
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