How shall it be?

doubting is

God: makes IT possible: whatever “IT” is…

Luke 1:34 (KJV) “Then said Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?”

How many times your mind get to wandering and you get all different types of theories and ideologies going on when you are at that pondering stage and you in the flesh get to thinking, “no way”. You propel yourself to ask God the big question just like Mary the mother of Jesus, “How shall this be”?

You talk to God in this questioning manner: You have brought a scenario to me and I am honor God to be considered for this position, this job, this new mansion, this position as a CEO, as the mother of your son; but how shall it come to pass; how shall it be?

My Lord, I know you specialize in the impossible, but my mind can’t wrap itself around that promotion that you are about to bring to pass in my life: maybe I am thinking less of myself than I ought to, but God, how shall it be?

Do you get those moments, those premonitions when things are about to fall out of heaven and come raining upon your head, your life, your household? And you didn’t grasp the concept of being “blessed”, so you ask God, How shall it be?

My friend, beloved one of God: with God anything is possible. If you can wrap your mind around it, ask in faith believing: God can bring it pass. Stop asking how shall it be and start praising God like a maniac because that is His speciality.

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3 Responses to How shall it be?

  1. anchorrock4 says:

    Thank you for this post. I have so many “how shall it be’s” right now in my life. I need to trust Him more and let Him work it our.

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