Have mercy….

debt payed

God: our Father is merciful…

Luke 6:36 (KJV) “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful”.

It is pretty easy to look at someone’s situation and make a very round judgment on what was done wrong and what could have been done differently; but if we are in the same predicament the outcome could very easily be the same.

Compassion and mercy dictates that when we see others going through their fiery trials, learn the word “umhhhh”: say nothing if not guided by the Spirit of God with words to deal with the situation.

Nothing at times can be better than an opinion which could very well do more harm to a person’s psyche.   My friend, compassion dwells within us at a deep level if only we exercise it; tap into the wealth of richness from our Lord and Savior.


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All about Jesus....Love God and the things pertaining to Him. Love sitting at the feet of Jesus!
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5 Responses to Have mercy….

  1. Rebecca says:

    That is definitely a “Christian muscle” we should be exercising more! Great post, thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

  2. yprior1 says:

    this is beautiful vw…. so true too – well said ❤

  3. Donna says:

    soo true.

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