Somewhere to go….

God: offers us possibilities we can’t refuse…

Psalm 122:1 “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord”.

Many times we are prevented from entering a place of worship where we can fellowship with other saints of God; it can happen for many reasons too numerous to identify in this small forum. But it is a trick which the adversary has used with great skill because when the reason happens to our way of thinking we are justified because, well, we think it is about us and what is happening to us at that particular time.

But if we scrutinize the word of God, there are so many scripture that deals with offence and even forgiving that if any of the reasons fall within those categories we have to deal with it and let it go. We know how stubborn many of us can be in our behavior. It is what we are famous for, being stead-fast in our ways, inclusive of how we deal with each other.

Scripture says offense will come, but woe to the one who causes it and this to some measure reassures me when I am treated less than I ought to be; can this word be of help to you as well? Leave it up to God and let the sure mercies of God cover you. Enjoy your fellowship, for it is an opportunity to be where Jesus is with the saints all gathered together.

Trivia: Scripture reveal that God was on a mount and was surrounded by a certain number of angels; what mount and how many angels surrounded Him?

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