Consistency is key…..

fed by God


James 4:11 (KJV) “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?”

In our life we go through different and varying emotions at times, but consistency is how we are known or how people can relate to us or tell our character. When someone inquires about us, a person can describe us down to our behavior and then that person can agree to who is being identified.

We are known for what we put out, but as believers our output ought to be demonstrative of the character of Christ shining through us; this might not be possible 100% of the time, but consistency dictates that for the most part, it is the dominating trait we have to entertain.

But at times, I’m not going to point fingers, but by gosh, you meet upon some individuals that flip flop and it quite amazes you. Then again you reach upon many believers who haven’t been delivered from the spirit of obscenity, believing that holiness and vulgar goes hand in hand; and they do it better than any sailor you might encounter on a San Francisco wharf. It is difficult to identify a steady trait to pinpoint character and that can be quite confusing.

The word of God asks the question “doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter”? It is a quite a dilemma at times seeing such conflicting emotions and confusing testimonies can come forth from a believer and not in a sense where you know that the power of God ought to  be winning the fight.

My meditation and prayer for all of us struggling with situations and afflictions which makes our witness less than believable for a sinner to be reconciled with Christ: Father in the name of your son and our Savior who have already taken the struggle and won the battle, release your people to do that which you have called them to accomplish in this world. Let their witness convict and not cast doubts in Jesus name, amen.

New Trivia: We are cautioned to “remember” someone in the days of our youth; who is this?


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