Who is keeping you fed? (New Trivia)

fed by God

God: feeds us supernaturally at times….

John 4: 31-32(KJV) “In the meanwhile his disciples prayed Him, saying, Master, eat. But He said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of”.

When we enter into relationship with Jesus it is binding on all different types of level; it is an exchange of body, soul, mind and commitment. All of you and yours for Him and He honors His word in your life and brings the changes especially when we know Him in His fullness. He also pays us a deposit of His spirit which comes to reside within us with the laying on of hands.

His fullness is contained in His word and the Spirit within us needs to be fed and this is accomplished when we consume the word of God, it is spiritual food to that which abides within us and at the same time our spirit is nourished.

In the word we read today, Jesus disciples beseeched Him to eat natural food for sustenance of His body, and they most likely were surprised when He told them that He had food which they knew nothing about; this got very strange quickly.

When the spirit imbues our inner being, it is because we are being prepared to accomplish things in this world we reside. The spirit of God comes to strengthen us, guide us to all truths and at the same time to prepare us to work. Jesus was ready and He had his orders and he established it by demonstrating it at every turn; no one could doubt the very works which came forth from Him.

What about you today; are you ready, filled and exploding upon the world with the spirit within you? God did not make a joke when He selected you for His purpose and by the very fact that you were called brings about the understanding that there is a work for you to accomplish in your timeline.

Beloved, make haste while it is still light for the work is plenty but the laborers are few; start seeking, searching within the spiritual realm to see where you are assigned and follow the lead and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God Almighty to be led into all truths.

New Trivia: We are cautioned to “remember” someone in the days of our youth; who is this?

Q: They moaned the lack of their little sister’s lack of mammary development; who is it; where is it found? Ans: Song of Solomon 8:8


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