See it and you can receive it..


God: creates the pattern and wants you to receive it...

James 4:7 (KJV) “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you”.

I have known this scripture for a good while, but the full understanding never really impacted me or made a full revelation (and I don’t think it is fully realized as yet either) within my spirit until I recently had to make a choice after coming under serious attacks in my spirit.

I was literally fighting to do something I wanted to passionately, but my spirit was contesting with my mind and I knew something was up with my desire. When I consulted with my pass history of be impetuous, I realized that I was fighting the direction God wanted me to go. I had trodden this road before and it was a backlash of some type.

This brings me to the overcoming part of the relating of the story; I figured if the word is saying to submit to God and the temptation (through the adversary) would depart, let me try this. So I resisted what I wanted to do in my flesh and I actively leant on God to get through the fight.

Beloved, I can state that I got to a realization of the power of the word: if I could visualize it, I can claim it. And I give the glory to the one who fought and led me to the “word” that aided me in seeking clarity. I’m not saying it is like this all the time with our struggles, but at least, I know that application of the word is 85% of the struggle.

I see that when He says it is possible, He knows of what He speaks, believe Him for the sake of the Word.

New Trivia: They moaned the lack of their little sister’s lack of mammary development; who is it; where is it found?


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2 Responses to See it and you can receive it..

  1. The True Light! says:

    I had a very recent and similar experience as this. God took the temptation away…trust the Father’s guidance in all things!


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