A name that is excellent….


Isaiah 60:15 (KJV) “Whereas thou has been forsaken and hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an external excellency, a joy of many generations”.

Do a contrast of the words spoken in today’s reading to your life and situations that crop up at times; you go through certain periods where you are desolate. Things and people don’t act how they are suppose to even when you do your best to accommodate their peculiar mannerisms and behaviors.

You do all that you need to do and much more and it seems as if that is never enough; but you still continue doing. That is expected, and that is how a believer must act when the odds have stacked up so high against you that everyone expects you to drop, fall and roll over and die or pretend to be dead.

Keep pressing, keep putting on a good show, do it from the inside out and not because there is an expectation that someone who professes like you do must have a sound demeanor or way of operating.  And the promise we have from God is that when it have all been said and done, He will exalt you; your name will be a perpetual sound in the ears of folks from one generation to the next.

My friend that is a great and solid promise from the mouth of God; believe that when you are despised and hated for the word of God, for being a Christian, it will be worth it after a while.

New trivia: a king fasted for one of God’s beloved sons; who are these two individuals?


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