I choose to forgive…(new trivia)


God: requires forgiveness….

Ephesians 4:32 (KJV) “And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you”.

When in the heat of an argument, accusation or full-blown betrayal, or when you have been wronged so egregious it can be pretty difficult to take the high road and turn around and be forgiving to the point where you hold that one(s) in tender-hearted love.

It might even be more difficult to consider being kindhearted and embracing that one, but it is required of us; actually it is the only way for this living to be, otherwise our living will be in vain. Jesus warns us that “offenses will come, but woe unto the one who brings the offense”, but at the back of that, He requires us to love.

The thing is at times we want to love so badly yet we come up against this force which tries to tell us that the hurt needs to be ministered to and the wrongdoer punished at all cost; but if you remember, there was a time and most likely still is when you did someone wrong and yet you needed to be forgiven, you wanted restoration, you wanted to wipe the slate clean and move on past old hurts.

That might be a good place to start with the issue of unresolved hurts; think on who have forgiven you and know that we all are subject to the onslaught of the adversary who tries to trap us into a zone to not forgive.

Beloved: live, love and forgive; not because we have been asked to, but because we can.

Old trivia: Who was first placed in a coffin in the bible?

Ans: Joseph Genesis 50:26

New trivia: a king fasted for one of God’s beloved sons; who are these two individuals?

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12 Responses to I choose to forgive…(new trivia)

  1. secretangel says:

    Amen… Love this./

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  3. Amen. Father help us to forgive and love with much generosity like Christ. Thanks for this reminder!

  4. stomatolog says:

    Fabuła pokrewna każdemu, zalecam literaturę

  5. King David prayed for his son.

    2 Samuel 12: 16

  6. Was this Joseph we’re talking about here that was first placed in a coffin in the bible vw?


  7. Zasłużony pozytyw, idealny partner do interesów

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