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God: fire from God will ignite the will to do within you...

Jonah 3:3-4 (KJV) “So Jonah arose, and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days’ journey. And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown”.

I don’t know if you can put yourself in the place of this minor prophet of God who was operating in a deep spirit of disobedience; it caused him to end up in a predicament which is being spoken of even today, after so many years.

Many of us are also in such a dilemma; we hear God’s directions and pretend not to hear and for the most part end up having to deal with situations which can be tenable to say the least. This story of Jonah has many facets associated with it and many wise and very intelligent preachers have done it justice in expanding upon it so that isn’t my intention today.

The part I love about the Jonah’s redemptive story is the actions after coming in alignment with God’s direction: supernatural speed in getting to the assignment. Just like Elijah we see that after he realizes that God is in charge and he could not win a fight in this relationship, this prophet got a hold of some supernatural speed in reaching from point A to B. The journey which should have taken three days took him only one; this is what we call hast to accomplish the mission.

In our lives today, I consider some of our afflictions which some of us believers undergo and at times I get to wondering if they were being prepared to do a work for God or if it is their disobedience, much like Jonah who bore the brunt of his actions, but ultimately learned to relate to God in a deeper manner.

What do you think? It could also be a combination of both scenarios, but it is interesting to read scriptures and attempt to align what we see happening in the body of Christ today. How speedy are you in obeying God when He instructs you?

Trivia: He was called “the Preacher” in the Old Testament. Who is he?



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10 Responses to Supernatural Speed…

  1. Oh my God, you are reading my book. Thanks for the confirmation!

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  3. paulfg says:

    Strikes me He is big enough for an infinite numbers of combos! 🙂

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  5. osarobohenry says:

    This is a great blessing to anyone that read it. Really, today most of us do the same as Jonah even after hearing His instructions on what to do and how to do it, we try to do it in our own way or even shy away from it and later we complain that God does not answer our prayers. We forget that God cannot break His rules and anyone that is ready to obey, He will not hesitate to pour His blessing on him. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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