Every minute every day….

you and God talks

God: waiting to hear from us....

Psalm 55:17 (KJV) “Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice”.

One thing I realize as I go through life is that relationships are needed and necessary for a balanced existence and I have been blessed in relationships, some very healthy and then again some have fizzed and haven’t gone 50 meter dash. But I believe one thing they all had in common was the art of relating.

There was communication at some level that would dictate that I was talking and receiving communication from another human being. This can be very satisfying to a very high level; especially when the person you are relating to has things in common which can feed your senses and your intellect; it pretty much stimulates your senses.

An interesting thing happened when Jesus came to earth and He left certain instructions before He returned to His Father: “watch and pray” were the words He pressed into the heart of the disciples. Praying as we know is the form of communication with our heavenly Father and can measure the depth of our relationship with Him.

This isn’t a type of post of the different types and levels or prayers there are, but I want to draw a reference to the Psalmist David who was mentioned in Acts as being a “man after God’s own heart”. This is a pretty strong testimony about this man of God; who we knew spent a lot of his time singing hymns and playing songs of melodies to adore God whenever he got a chance.

It was as a result of this gift that he was promoted to the king’s palace to demonstrate his skills and be a member of the king’s entourage at dinner.

In today’s verse, David reveals something else about his character which gives us an understanding of why there was such a deep connection between him and God: He prayed constantly on a daily basis, as quoted by scripture, he prayed three times a day.

That might not be a lot in consideration for the number of hours in the day, but in terms of keeping in contact with God, gosh that’s a lot of phone calls on a weekly basis. Translate that into minutes on our phone system, and conversing with a person; I would know a lot about an individual and vice versa.

He honored the relationship He had with God and wasn’t careful about the time spent with God. We might look at that in a negative way or think that it is difficult to accomplish that amount of time spent with God, but when you look at it as an investment in a relationship, who would not want the benefits?

I know I don’t mind and I believe it to be a truth when I say that God draws closer to you when you invest time in seeking and finding Him in prayers and meditation.

It might be beneficial to look at what is taking up your time and what you are getting from those investments and think about changing strategies to gain a deeper spiritual walk with your Father.

Trivia: She gave him milk then killed him. Who is this?



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19 Responses to Every minute every day….

  1. So true. Thanks for the good word. Lord bless you!!!

  2. Julie Harris says:

    Great post- and I love the picture 🙂

  3. lilkaraphael says:

    That was really good.
    It makes me think about what would happen if we all gave God the priority and responded to Him the way most people watch phones or computers for texts and emails. Or better yet, if we messaged HIm by prayer as often as we would place a call or send a text? You definitely gave me much to think about.

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  5. "light and salt" says:

    No question that as we draw nearer to God in prayer and reading His word, He draws nearer to us. And the more time we put into these activities, the better off we will be.

    Steve Pejay

  6. Awesome post! Makes one stop in there tracks and do a full spiritual self-assessment. Thanks for sharing.


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