Don Charisma Angel Award

Eric thank God for your wonderful heart for the saints. vw

the Hunt for Truth

. The Angel Award… from: Marlyn


This is theDon Charisma 

Angel Award


Thank you Marlyn, my dear friend

The Kintal blog is one of my WordPress favorite blogs. 

Marlyn blogs on a variety of subjects that she says are based on her reflections from younger years and current insights about society and people. The art works are by Marlyn, her children and there are occasionally photos to by her husband. She’s very much loved at WordPress and she loves to give and receive virtual awards and encouragement. Click this link and say I sent you by… you’ll love her blog I’m sure. If you click on the award image, you can view Don’s award creation as well. Marlyn deigned an award that I love too — see it… here.

Many Thanks and Hugs Marlyn! 


My nominations for the Angel Award are:

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7 Responses to Don Charisma Angel Award

  1. Congratulations. Well earned!!!!

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