I can wait…


God: teaches us how to wait; gifts us when we practice patience…

James 1:2-3(KJV) “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

The virtue or fruit of patience is one many of us have a problem with attaining; is it attainable you may be asking and of course the answer is yes. James went through much effort to make sure that he wrote about it in the very first passage of scripture as mentioned above.

The thing with us is we get to thinking at a very rapid pace and when the thoughts come, there is action and at this point we need to see the manifestation of what our brilliant minds came up with. If you pay attention to the order of the verses, the writer mention being tempted, or tested; knowing that these actions will bring about an effort to do things which most likely will be contrary to the will of God.

But the fact that you are under heavy pressure from the adversary is a signal that you are being prepared for growth in the spirit realm by your Father. The fact that you will fall into temptation indicates that there is a high probability that you have the grace to overcome them all. Jesus is the example we look toward naturally and He was able to overcome all the temptation He underwent.

As your faith consistently get tested, this is bringing to fruition the gift of patience; because if you have the ability to wait out a situation, knowing that God who is faithful in all that He promises, will not leave you hanging, your patience is being groomed and grafted to perfection.

Beloved, many things will come at us as we go through this walk we are on, but “be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God” (Philippians 4:6 (KJV).

Trivia: He pulled out his hair, threw himself on the ground and refrained from eating because of sin; who is this?


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16 Responses to I can wait…

  1. Don Merritt says:

    Patience may not be my strong suit… but the journey isn’t over just yet!

  2. Equipping The Saints says:

    Your post has great value. Consider patience in the life of a farmer, whose total life is based on faith, the faith in God to supply all of the needs for the crop to be successful, for God to supply the money that must be repaid to banks for their “faithful” loans to farmers. Farmers are “God fearing people.” They know the source of their success. Pray for God to continue to give you posts that will provide strength for His people. You are a true blessing from God.

    James 5:7 Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s …
    … See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting …
    Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in …
    //biblehub.com/james/5-7.htm – 20k
    Mark 4:3 “Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed.
    … “Listen! Consider the sower who went out to sow. … “Listen! A farmer went out to sow. …
    //biblehub.com/mark/4-3.htm – 16k
    Matthew 13:3 Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A …
    … Then He told them many things in parables, saying: “Consider the sower who
    went out to sow. … He said, “Listen! A farmer went out to sow. …
    //biblehub.com/matthew/13-3.htm – 17k

    • vwoods1212 says:

      I didn’t consider it from the angle you just gave, but the things we take for granted. God gives us opportunities to recognize Him in ALL His work; many of us don’t get it: without God nothing is possible. Thanks for the insightful response. vw

      • Equipping The Saints says:

        You are very welcome. God has even much more to reveal to you. Prepare for the harvest rains and the crop that will follow by breaking up the fallow ground of your life and ministry (Jeremiah 4:1-4; Hosea 10:12). All of us have to do this on a continuing basis. Bless you, my special sister.

      • vwoods1212 says:

        Tell me about you; how you know so much and is what you are saying part of the course of what is expected of a Christian or is it revelation for me in particular? Sorry, I have a very deep curiousity about everything. vw

      • Equipping The Saints says:

        Please give me a bit of time to put my thoughts together. I will put them on another post of yours. My rolling View Archive bar is going to move this comment out of sight.

  3. Elaine says:

    Ahhh patience–An ongoing work in progress for many of us!

  4. Slowly, and hopefully surely, I will learn this. Good one!!!!

  5. sf says:

    What is the answer for your trivia?

  6. cttbbelliott says:

    I was going to ask who it is but saw the book of Ezra. Thank you for your delightful insight.

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