I will carry you; I haven’t forgotten you…


God: He bore us; he carries us even till death; does not forget his creatures.

Isaiah 46:4 “And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you”.

I speak to many older folks and even over this weekend I had scare when one older woman, who is in her 70’s, lives in my neighborhood and I think she is just the most precocious dear who cursed worse than any sailor I have known; I hadn’t seen her in a bit.

I was surprised to see moving vehicles parked by her garage and strangers going in and out with her belongings. In the time it took me to get the courage to walk up to the strangers to find out why they were packing her stuff and where she was, a thousand different thoughts came and went in my mind. I know her age and I really was hoping she hadn’t died and if she had, that I would have had a chance to pay last respects.

All these thoughts came to my mind; but I was relieved when I approached the movers, they told me she was just moving and gave me a current contact for her. I didn’t waste any time calling her to check up on her and make sure she didn’t need anything I could provide for her. At times you forget how fragile life can be and it shows in your voice especially when you are getting down in age.

Sometimes you live your life and those who are there with you as you go through life, they move away, go different directions or even die as well. You might be left with thoughts of loneliness; the burden of finding new friends and getting to know their way of operation etc.

In this reading we have the reassurance from God Almighty who stands firmly as our Father; He states that “he is the one who bore us”; my God, that is awesome. We don’t have to depend upon an uncertain future, we have the assurance that we won’t spend our days, young or old in a place of uncertainty, aloneness; not sure of where we are going or who will be there for us when we are old.

He promises, “I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you”. This gift of perpetual transition is an encouragement to myself as well as you who are feeling as if things aren’t going as you would have wanted in this walk you have agreed to, but just remember that time is of the essence with God and He needs us to trust Him that what He is working out is to our benefit and will take us the distance.

You are His child; you won’t be treated like an unknown child or a bastard. God pays His bills. Chin up and hold unto His hope.

New Trivia: He was offered property freely to give an offering to God, but refused and paid full price; who is this?

Old Trivia: He knew the exact date he was dying and the conditions; who is this?

                Ans: Saul found in 1 Samuel 28 and King Hezekiah in Isaiah 38

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4 Responses to I will carry you; I haven’t forgotten you…

  1. This trivia I am sure that I know. I’ll wait until others have a chance to see it.
    The last one,I didn’t have any ideas.
    ~ Eric

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