Do you need me?


God: requires our prayers; accepts our prayers as incense; burns our prayers before His throne.

Romans 15:30-32(KJV) “Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together with me in your prayers to God for me; that I may be delivered from them that do not believe in Judaea; and that my service which I have for Jerusalem may be accepted of the saints; that I may come unto you with joy by the will of God, and may with you be refreshed”.

When you look at the body of Christ and the hierarchy you see the leaders of the church and those standing beside them to hold up their hands, much like Moses whose arms were held up by Aaron and Hur in the fight against the Amalekites in Exodus 17(KJV).  This spiritual walk is warfare and it is two forces in search of souls and we can’t be carefree about this gift of salvation which has been granted to us by Christ.

What about those leaders who are covering the flock of Christ; we look to them in our times of need, when we get into situations they are needed in advisory aspects and they tend to take the battle many times from our yards into their own territory by means of their intercessory and deliverance capabilities.

As lay people is it then our responsibility to return the favor and keep them covered in prayers as much as we are able? In as much as they have the greater authority, “for unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed” (Luke 12:48 KJV) do they have the unction and power to fully cover themselves without help from those whom they diligently provide spiritual nurturing?

Our culture tend to be a tad selfish at times and we can look at what a person have or the position they are in and think that they have it all or what need do they have for what I can do or offer? Yes we can be selfish in our estimation of our gifts and talents; but we see Apostle Paul in humility, beseeching the saints in Rome to PRAY for him; actually the word wasn’t pray, but “strive” which means “to exert much effort or energy; endeavor and to struggle or fight forcefully; contend” (thefreedictionary). The man of God was saying, look at my situation and don’t accept what you see, but fight in the spirit for it to change.

This dude who was gifted beyond measure and who had more talents in the faith than any acclaim doctor or lawyer was asking the common believer to go into spiritual warfare on his behalf.  Paul was saying, “I am not independent of your prayers; I crave you going to the throne of grace on my behalf; I need your petition to God for me”.

It troubles my mind when I read in the news about so many ministers dying by their own hands or falling and it has increased no end in the past few years. I know when God’s people cry, God acts, scripture reassures us that, “the righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles” (Psalm 34:17 KJV).

Where are the crying mothers, fathers, grandparents, body of Christ: who is crying out to God for the protection of the church and its leaders, for the body of Christ?

Many might not believe this, but I am of the mind that the unction we have is “strive” to change a situation, instead of accepting it as God’s will. Until God speaks and say “it is my will” we need to seek His opinion on what is happening in our lives and stop from being babes all the life of our Christian walk.

Will you fight for your pastor, your child, your family, yourself? Or will you accept what is happening as “God’s will?”

Trivia: He knew the exact date he was dying and the conditions; who is this?

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8 Responses to Do you need me?

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    There is no doubt about it. One of the greatest needs of spiritual leaders is the prayer of those they minister to. Very important posting for us all. Thank you.

  2. Denine Taylor says:

    Jesus is my answer. Are we suppose to post it?

  3. We ought always pray for the people that serve us and our families and friends. IN cases when someone asks for prayer, I know that’s our call… we need to see that one coming… that’s our call.

    ~ Eric

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