Why are you crying?

Jesus wept

God:tenderhearted; kind; emphatic with my woes; happy for my joys

John 11:35 (KJV) “Jesus wept”.

I will admit right now that from since I have known myself I have never really been very emotional; things would happen, but I always never fancied myself as the crying type or one who sought other’s sympathy through tears. I would feel sorrow for someone’s pain, but when it comes to dealing with my own issues, if need be that tears come, it would be in the privacy of my room or somewhere where others can’t view the overflow.

That was up to the point where I got into a relationship with Christ; I didn’t know what to make of it, I would start bawling at the drop of a hat. I would be in a real lighthearted service and from the time folks start giving their lives to God I would cry like a baby. I really was starting to think something went wrong with my psyche.

My experience will most definitely not be that of someone else, but the thing is I believe when someone comes into contact with the living God, something has to happen; the inside parts of you melt when previously they would be unmoved; emotions are affected although this is not a requirement for God’s presence to be manifested. But your person is charged and if it doesn’t melt it will be electrified.

I always read the verse “Jesus wept” and felt sad because the varying aspects of what might have caused Him to cry don’t bring joy to my heart. Normally tears are mostly associated with sorrow or things not being right and in this instance there were a few scenarios which popped into my mind.

It could have been that He felt the pressure of entering the spirit realm to do battle with forces of darkness; it could be that the viewers unbelief was feeding into His spirit thereby weakening Him in a time when He needed strength; and it could just be that the manifestation which He was performing got to His soul. Just to dwell on a few possibilities, but not saying those are the reasons because it was never disclosed as to the cause of His tears.

But it’s good in my estimation to cry; yes I changed my view on tears, it is now a good release, expression and spiritual therapy to engage in tears.

When last did you engage in some tears of cleansing, sorrow, joy et al? It just might be the time to shed some tears (of joy of course).

Trivia: He relinquished his destiny for a meal; who is this?

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20 Responses to Why are you crying?

  1. paulfg says:

    You are not alone!! Connecting in a different way – always connecting.

  2. You know when I was reading this, I was smiling….because now I know that I’m not the only one who cry ( in joy )… so cry like a baby dear! No matter what others say! Sometimes tears are the very good way to expressing our happiness! Great post dear! And yes you’re not alone!
    Thanks for sharing this post my friend! God bless you greatly! Neeky

  3. secretangel says:

    Love this… I cry too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It was the same for me when I was saved and has been ever since. Terrible things can happen to me and I cannot cry but the Saviour? He can make me cry in an instant and I’m very glad for it too 🙂

  5. leftnfree says:

    I never cried before God got a hold of me and over the last 5 years those tears flow at the drop of a hat. I keep wondering why am I crying and I feel almost lost some time so I just say ok God please do what you need to do..(and I don’t even care who is around)… I am healing but it sure feels weird when you have spent 35-40 years not crying and now you do… Way weird

    • vwoods1212 says:

      The brokenness brings tears; and when He starts to pull of the filth from the world and the dross: it is painful spiritually, bringing tears. vw

  6. The True Light! says:

    The transformation from the sinful self to the servant of God is powerful, as you found out! A great and honest posting.

    The True Light

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