A spanking is necessary at times…


God: is a consuming fire; gentle in nature; a lover where love is concerned.

Hebrews 12:8 (KJV) “But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons”.

As a child growing up I can recall the exact number of times I got a spanking (wow, yes I got spanked); it wasn’t much of a spanking but I guess I recall it because it was pretty unusual and isolated. I was little Miss Weirdo, a bit too much in control and liking everything to be just so perfect; that can freak people out, especially adults, who will deal with you either two ways. They leave you alone because they think you are wise beyond your years or they condescend to you thinking you are a little know it all.

I went overboard with my weirdness so for the most part I was treated as an adult; but we all know that a child is a child when they are a child no matter how much they pretend, act or behave years older than they are listed in human years.

But back to the chastisement or spanking, I can remember that I went somewhere I wasn’t supposed to go, and was gone for hours. If I was my father I would have gone ballistic and called the cops or something; but my father being oh such a wise one, decided to hunt me down. And found me; ahhh yes, I got a spanking for worrying my mother (he wasn’t worried, just following mother’s orders).

As a believer we go through chastisement as well; yes we do. And if as a believer you don’t get corrected, you are what the scripture describes as a “bastard”. Pretty harsh, but I think the writer was trying to get the point across; we all are subject to correction, gentle at times, harsh sometimes because you got to admit some of us are a little hard of hearing.

But I love the fact that our God is faithful and He is just, longsuffering toward us; gosh when He could just flick His fingers and tap us into oblivion; Jesus is right there just begging and beseeching Him to hold off for a bit, remember you have a powerful work for that one to do a little later on; remember that they were selected for a reason.

Golly, I just about love the bargaining skills Jesus has for I know how prone to stupid I am at times.

God, I just want to thank you for having a unique relationship with your son, my Savior.

Trivia: He relinquished his destiny for a meal; who is this?

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2 Responses to A spanking is necessary at times…

  1. Elaine says:

    Great post and the trivia answer is Esau

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