God speaks: it is, just so…

loving God always

God: raw power; God is: love, pure, sincere, just, mighty

Isaiah 44:27 (KJV) “That saith to the deep, Be dry, and I will dry up thy rivers”.

I think I have reached the stage in my life that I have ceased from taking things for granted, more so my life and the air I breathe which is no guarantee for tomorrow’s daybreak if it is God’s will to bless us with one.

I am more aware of the stunning and awesome power of Almighty God in his restraint in dealing with us as a people. We have read about His experience with the Israelites throughout the passages of scripture and we shake our heads at their stubbornness and refusal to be and act how He wanted them to; yet we as adopted kids are more rebellious after we have judged them to be so much privileged.

I know, you never said anything bad about them when you read how they caused the judges and prophets to have a bad rep. I don’t think so; everyone reading would have said, wow, how could they? I did.

But I stand in awe of my Father for having constraint and having a plan B when He knew that plan A would never work. The book of Proverbs in chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 et al and subsequent chapters teaches us about wisdom, understanding and knowledge and it is something awesome to delve into the fact that wisdom was there with God from the beginning. Saying that to acknowledge that God ways are so much beyond my little itsy bit of understanding that I am flummoxed by His mesmerizing twists and turns and the ease with which He can do anything.

I pretty much am starting to sound like an infatuated teenager, having a flaming crush on some dude, but gosh He does that to me at times.

I need a private praise break right about now, so we will take this up at a later time.

Trivia: He had no shame in letting loose with tears as he was overcome with emotions. Who is this?

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4 Responses to God speaks: it is, just so…

  1. Joe M. says:

    Trivia answer: Joseph (O.T.)

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