Storm proof your life…


God: a burning fire; walks through the storm; creator of it all

Isaiah 43:2 (KJV) “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee”.

On any given day if you come into contact with at least ten individuals and show any type of interest in their lives they will give a detailed example of the trials and trauma this life have dealt to them.

And at the same speed they are most occupied with living, having dealt with strings of disappointment and attacks in their lives. I know you most likely have gone through some of these traumas yourself because this is what life is about; experiencing the traumas and coming through them by God’s grace.

Unfortunately for some of us, we take these happening for granted and believe it is our lot in life. What if it is not; what if the attacks you and I have received at specific times have been orchestrated maneuvers to derail the destiny we were created to walk into and stop who you were born to become.

I read in my book of direction a promise from God who made it clear that the waters to overflow me will come, but He will be there to take me through them; I might have to cross some rivers in life, but I will do so with Him being the rowboat that will glide through the waters; He was specific in identifying the fires and trials that most definitely will come my way, but guess what I have a warning and an assurance that fire won’t burn me. No aspect of the unnatural fire will be able to touch my body, soul or spirit.

I’m not sure anyone is getting what I am bringing to the table today, but God is described as a fire at times, His Spirit is a delicious water brook also; any element you find have some association to God. But you as a believer have to recognize when the fake comes along because it will do everything in its power to make you believe that what you are going through is from God.

But I know that today someone will recognize that those attacks and delusions made to derail you are fakes perpetrated to fool you; start now to search through the shadows to recognize God’s grace in the manifestations in your life.

Trivia: Although he had a great and major destiny to fulfill, the Lord would have killed him because he didn’t follow a covenant agreement, who is this?

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6 Responses to Storm proof your life…

  1. nicely stated
    ~ Eric

  2. The True Light! says:

    The trickery of the evil one can be so convincing at times. He has always tried to mix in God’s truths into his destruction of Godly things and His people. But we can recognize his deceit more easily by studying the actual word of God and being intimately familiar with it.

    Prepare for lies by becoming familiar with the truth!


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