The One who has it all knows me…

Friend of God

God:owner of it all; creator of the world; ruler of heaven and earth

Psalm 50:12(KJV) “If I were hungry, I would not tell thee: for the world is mine, and the fulness thereof”.

My goodness, I just got to reading this verse and it just boggles the mind. I know that the world with all its richness belongs to God, yet to have him state that “If  I were hungry, I would not tell thee” just about puts a clearer picture on the bigness of God.

If a human tells you they don’t need anything from you, it is subject to suspect, because today you might be loaded and tomorrow you could lose all of it, putting you in that tenable position of being needy.

But God just said a while ago the exact thing that makes Him God. He is so God that what we fight and kill over, belongs to Him and we can’t do anything about it.

Beloved, be a friend of God today, so what is His is yours.

Trivia: Although he had a great and major destiny to fulfill, the Lord would have killed him because he didn’t follow a covenant agreement, who is this?


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7 Responses to The One who has it all knows me…

  1. Just beautiful.
    Amazing, the truths we take for granted.

  2. God was unwilling to turn His back on His creation, so He covered sin with blood. From the time of Abel, sacrifice involved blood to cover sin. In the time of Abraham, God made the covenant with Abraham. He was to sacrifice animals by cutting each in half, placing the halves opposite each other, but he did not cut the birds in half. After this, the Blood Covenant He had with Abraham was through the rite of circumcision. The covenant was everlasting. Thus there was to be a blood sacrifice. God spared Isaac. However, the New Covenant, based on the blood sacrifice of Jesus replaced the covenant of Abraham based on Abraham’s relationship to God; Jesus being God’s son. Man continually violated God’s covenants. Jesus fulfilled these. Thus God did not accept the previous attempts of Cain nor Abraham but brought the descendants of Abraham into Israel to fulfill the promises of God to Abraham. Jesus then became the fulfillment of the Blood Covenant. The answer is Abraham; although I suppose some may say Isaac.

  3. vwoods1212 says:

    You’re a great sport:))

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