Strange Relationships…who would have figured?

strange relationships

God: unfathomable, mysterious in His ways, past finding out.

(Read the book of Ruth in its entirety, it is riveting).

It’s weird sometimes that you never know what chance acquaintances can lead to or the direction a chance meeting will take you. You might meet someone today and they end up being the death of you or in the alternate that person might be the one to deliver you from hell and death, who knows.

Today let’s look at a strange relationship: how about that Moabites woman named Ruth? She was humble, faithful, willing to do whatever that was needed to get on with her life; she did not like looking back, but believed in testing the unknown and seeking more in the future.

Those attributes were enough to allow her to be in the genealogy of Christ the Lamb of God. Go figure, right?

Hey the take away from today is don’t discard people you meet today; they might be black, white, pink, orange or blue, but they just might be the step to your ultimate destiny.


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