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Psalm 119:11 (KJV) “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee”.

I don’t get when people say the bible is boring; it is actually somewhere you can go and get your daily fill of drama because it is all encompassing. I was able to extricate some very interesting facets of life from a discussion I was having with a friend who was curious as to why I spent so much time delving into the Word.

Although I have done the literature, English, history material at a more intense level than the ordinary person, I find great joy with the Word of God; call me weird and maybe I am. But the conclusion I came to is that most of the things we experience today can very likely find a contributing similarity with the Word.

So if you can identify your “story” of choice then you most likely can find a contrast. It is all in the pages: I truly found that all the various types of deception, intrigues, deceitful behavior, love, hatred, murder, mayhem, senseless killing; love and scheming to catch a wife; strippers, streakers, suicide, depression, serious high maintenance drama majors, man snatchers, mafia hits on people’s life, murder for hire, disguising and pretending to be a prostitute could all be found in the Bible.

OK, now you get the picture, so next time I’ll go into the very verse, scripture where you can find all these wonderful dilemmas. Enjoy.

Trivia: A set of ladies approached Moses to have certain laws overturned and succeeded in their petition. What are their names?

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