Love, Love, Love

Pure love

Psalm 34:1,2 “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad”.

Sometimes we get to loving someone and the only stated expression which can come out of you is “I love you” and they might believe you, they might not. Those are only words and your words might not have the backup to what you are saying in actions, so the person looks at your offering with a slightly suspicious look, thinking it’s askew.

I myself would wonder when if you say “love” and the actions aren’t there to substantiate the expression. Now the psalmist expresses a desire to “bless the Lord at all times” and he not only expresses his desire, but he goes further to declare how he will accomplish this thing that is bursting out of him to do for God.

His wish culminates into the express intention that other classes of people will be told or will hear of this desire he has for the Lord. At times with each other we find there is a handicap to express ourselves or we are not taught how to adequately demonstrate what we are feeling.  This can transfer into our behavior with God; we feel something, we desire something, we want to express something, there is a fire burning within us, we feel uneasy by the ministration of the Holy Spirit, yet we can’t earnestly express what we feel. This creates a barrier with the outpouring and manifestation of God’s spirit in our lives.

I come from a repress environment where saying the “love” word was in short demand and I determined within myself that I am not going to be trapped by this lack of expressiveness; after all, the art of communication is one of the greatest gift from God and I am of the mindset that I will take advantage of these free offerings from God.

So if I call you beloved or dear, or my dear, know that it is well-intentioned and comes from a heart of love as granted by God my father.

Beloved, don’t let the day pass without telling AND showing someone close to you or even that person on the corner stoop who sits there and beg all year-long that you might not be able to give them a million dollars, but somehow, you feel appreciation, or even love for them. Gird up those loins and ready your heart to say the words.

My dear, spread the gift of love anyway you can.

Trivia: He told a king NO and it cost him his life; who is this person?


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