I’m glad for my valley & storm

Daily Inspiration – Micah 7: 7, 8 “Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me. Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me”.

Anyone reading this posting can attest to what I am about to write: we all have gone through dire periods of our lives when things have been down drastically to the point you think anything after this will kill you.

I can describe it because I am familiar and intimate with it and when these periods come it can be debilitating because the most hindering process in this is the advice and counsel of well wishers who mean well.  But let’s admit it, unless someone is knowledgeable about the emotions and the ebbs and flows within your heart, any wishing on their part can cause more harm than good.

Then again there are those who can be downright cruel and ascribe what you are going through to some deep, dark and unnatural sin you have committed and wish you get more than you are getting. Yes, people can be cruel and judgmental like that; if you doubt me, take a look through the entire book of Job and entertain yourself with the counsel granted him even by his dearly beloved wifey, “curse God and die” (Job 2:9 KJV).

Let me point out that the down I am referring isn’t the case of being a believer and turning your back on the gift of grace and running hell-bent after sin, but the down of being taken through the storm, which can at times be preparation for deeper relationship with God or to deal with heavier things in the supernatural.

The amazing thing with this process is the number of friends you lose as you go through; it just might be that you are contagious in your suffering and something of what you are experiencing will jump unto those called friends.  And apart from the bad counsel of those who stick around, you get a sense that they want to tell you finally after all these years, well if you weren’t so stuck up, opinionated: so you, this would never have happened to you. But Micah warns “don’t rejoice when I am down, because I shall arise” (paraphrase). For those going through those storms, let these be your words today, “O my enemy, don’t rejoice over me now, for I shall arise”.

But I found this great scripture recently, the prophet Micah was going through a piece, but he had a warning for the great measure of emotional chaos he was seeing around him, (paraphrase):

[“here this my friends, ex-friends, wanna be friends: whatever category you fall into as it relates to my life; even though you might see me down today, the confidence I have is in my relationship with God. Jesus happens to be my friend and although I am in the valley, He is with me. I am aware and trust that He is a timely God and He has never been known to lie.

“O mine enemy” at this moment, I am not careful at sending out this precaution, but I need you to check your behavior because even though I am down today, and it might continue into tomorrow, but O mine enemy, regardless of what you are doing, do not rejoice against me, because my God is my buckler, shield and my extremely great reward. He has promised that He will be with me through it all and I choose to believe Him.

O mine enemy, one last cautionary, rejoice not against me, even as I have fallen because I shall arise: it won’t be long now, even as I am in this darkness, the Lord is walking with me, He is my light, even as He did with the three Hebrew boys who defied, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter” (Daniel 3:16 KJV).]

You can take the stance that no matter what place you find yourself in throughout this life, rest in the assurance that you will be satisfied and you will not be swayed when the storms starts to bash hard at your peace. Let the bright light from Yeshua HaMashiach light your way.

Trivia: Which three individuals did God approach and say, “let me talk to y’all for a minute, meet me outside”?




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