Vindicate me for sure God

Psalm 35:12-14 (KJV) “They rewarded me evil for good to the spoiling of my soul. But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom. I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother: I bowed down heavily, as one that mourneth for his mother”.

I’m sure many of us can attest to exactly what the psalmist is bemoaning: you gave your all, you tried hard as you could to make good things happen for people and you went out of your way to be as courteous and accommodating as possible to those who were in need. Yet through it all you end up being demonized and treated like the villain in a Batman movie.

Do you have those days or periods in your life? I’m pretty sure you do, and don’t want to admit it. But the good thing about it is that many of us do go through the used and abused periods in our lives where we put out so much; not necessarily because you had to, but because you have a heart to assist others and alleviate their pains.

Did you know that sometimes a person is going through a particular season in their life and it is caused by God to bring them to another level; you being the helpful person you are will only contaminate or interfere with what God is trying to accomplish in this person’s life and you just might come up against spiritual resistance or certain backlashes. There is a part in the scriptures that states, “Let not then your good be evil spoken of” (Romans 14:16 KJV), so that might be an occasion when this can occur.

We have been mandated to pray for each other and lift up each other in the faith, but I sincerely believe that we need prudence when we support each other, so that we don’t end up doing the following, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6 KJV) and you become a casualty of the faith.

Trivia: Which three individuals did God approach and say, “let me talk to y’all for a minute, meet me outside”?



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