Daily Inspiration – Psalm 54:2 (KJV) God has been faithful.

Psalm 54:2″Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth”.

You know at times you are in a deep funk; a bluesy type of feeling, where you know you won’t get any fulfilment from talking to a friend, family, husband or wife.  You feel confident that if there is one person you can talk to who will be able to lift that feeling, that shadow off your shoulder, that tingling, weird feeling in your stomach is God.

Time is of the most critical, but you know within yourself that if you sacrifice just fifteen minutes of your time to whisper to Him, reach out and tell Him what is happening, it will be but a moment and everything will be fine. Your unease will fly away, a method for getting through the problem will become evident within a short period.

Father, I know you have a million and one people to attend to today, right at this moment, but Jesus I need just one minute of your time to discuss this situation.  Father, before I see the manifestation, I want to tell you, I trust you and believe with all my heart that you will hear and answer my prayers.

Father God, thank you for your faithfulness.

Trivia: This dude is a riot; he told God, “you tricked me: you are only winning this fight because you are bigger than I am”.


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