Daily Inspiration – Psalm 12:1 KJV

Psalm 12:1 “Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men”.

Now more than ever you have to be of the mindset that you will be honorable and have a good disposition as it relates to the various trials you experience daily.  When I say trials I am not referring to the big blow ups or that explosive situation on the job that strain all of your patience or even that attack you come under from someone purported to be a good friend.

No, I am referring to the small apples which the fox goes for to satisfy his appetite; those little things which seems small and innocuous when it happens, but can fester within you day and weeks after and you really never deal with them, but somehow allow them to grow and is a festering spot within your heart.

The worst part is these attacks will come from people we fellowship with, pray for and minister to on a frequent basis.  Do like the Psalmist, shout, “help Lord” because of a truth the Godly man is in short supply.

God somehow manages to change the situation around and restore your serenity. Let God.

Trivia: God anointed this individual and gave him a surname although the individual did not know God, who is this person?



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