Seeing into the Spirit Realm Even as Death Approaches; I will Help You Cross Jordan in a Calm Time

Written by VWoods

Have you ever wondered about the transition from life to death and how you would go about it or what will happen to you at that appointed time?  Let me interject here that I think of myself as healthy spiritually and I am passionately curious about God and the things pertaining to Him. I can also say that I do appreciate people and have a weird curiosity about what they are experiencing at any given moment, especially when they are exhibiting undue stress.  I’m the person that would chime in, “well why don’t you try this, or try that”?

So what does this have to do with my very curious and endearing heading you might be asking about now, right? Several years ago, I was visiting a loved one in a hospice, who was in his last days in this world and this was literally the day before he died.  I had taken the time off from my job to drive over to go visit; just had a curious feeling to go spend the afternoon with him.

I arrived at the hospice sometime after 2.00 pm and spent the afternoon chatting; me doing most of the talking.  I accommodated him by assisting him with calls to his other family members, nationwide and some international.  He got tired after a while, so I took the chair facing his bed so that I could see everything that was going on with him.

It was approximately 5.55 pm when his eyes flew open and he was staring fixedly to the right of my shoulders, then he makes eye contact with me and says, “She wants to use your phone, will you allow her to?” My body has never frozen while allowing my mouth to move in such a quick period of time; my eyes were trying to do three things at once: maintain eye contact with him on the bed; see behind my head to know who was there (because the chair was pushed all the way against the wall); or try not to close in a dead faint right there on the spot.

Hmmm, “who wants to use my phone?” I asked in a husky and quite timid voice.  I’m thinking, if someone had managed to leave all the way in the front of the receiving desk and come half a mile to the last room in the corridor, into this private room to use MY phone and I hadn’t seen any of this transpired, so then I must be dreaming or had fallen into a trance. He then went on to describe in details the lady standing behind my right shoulder and not only that; she had a small girl with her.  My eyes of course were blinded to what he was seeing; my hands were frozen in my lap so I couldn’t pinch myself quietly to see if I felt anything.  Although I was acting calmly or trying to, my mind was screaming, “I need to talk to my pastor, I need to talk to my pastor” in rapid succession.

Ok, I thought. “Ummm, where does she want to call?” I asked curiously. In a serious moment, I think I understood what was happening: He had entered into a spiritual realm where he was seeing things I was unable to and it was almost as if calmness came over him.  He changed the topic and by this time, it was 6.00 pm; when I visited him I would pause to pray with him, so he asked the time and we prayed.  Halfway through the prayers he stopped me and told me to “pray for him”. I was staring at him now, and asked what he meant; this was totally unusual, but he was talking to me with his eyes. I understood after a moment, he wanted me to intercede on his behalf for his transition.

I felt: this day could not get any weirder than this if a blue elephant came in with a doctor’s coat on its back.

I have been asked on many occasions to pray for different people and situations, but to be asked to pray for a transition into death, I was thinking God, help me please. I spoke a few words to God, please help me through this, then dug my heel in and took authority of my emotions and the prayer.  God’s presence must have been moving greatly through that prayer, because he fell asleep right after.

This was a Monday evening, the next day being Tuesday; he passed away in the morning period.  His experience could be ascribed to Joshua when he told the Israelites, “And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5 KJV). He was expecting death to come calling, although he didn’t know the exact moment, he had time throughout the sickness and just before dying to make it right with God. Some of us do not have that opportunity, so we have to get it right now.

Why am I writing about this? It is kind of morbid, but it is exactly what many people experience on a daily basis.  The lives of their loved ones are lost; some have expected the loss, sometimes it is quite unexpected, but it pains us no end.  Death is the one thing in life which truly catches us off guard; it is our duty to be ready to cross this Jordan in life in a calm time.  Sometimes God allows us the time to prepare our minds, get it right while we can, but what if death catches you off guard, what then?

Scripture tells us, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:” Hebrews 9:27 KV). This tells me that something is coming after death.

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