Hey, I might not see you Tomorrow or ever again, but I love you!!

Live Goodbye now!! Don’t Wait until the End or its too Late

We all have the love hate relationship with at least one person in our lives.  It could be at times that we don’t fully understand everything about them, but hey who do you fully understand? Everybody has something they are hiding or omitting from that person who knows them the most.

Although we go through these relationships, don’t let that one thing come between good memories and livelong peace. You might be asking what thing I am talking about: its death! There is nothing more debilitating and emotionally crippling than having a fight with someone who have the gall to die before you can make up. But if we are a careful student of Scripture, there is a warning for us, “let not the sun go down upon your wrath” (Ephesians 4:26); we want that no matter how much trauma the adversary wants to bring to our lives, the one he is never able to accomplish is incomplete or faulty relationships with your loved ones.

Am I saying that siblings, spouses, parents aren’t allowed to disagree or quarrel? Most definitely not, arguing is one of the most integral ingredient of life, but the end result is what dictates or can create emotional pandemonium; do you remember that bible verse which goes like, “Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools” (Ecclesiastes 7:9)?  Yea, its great advice; I had a bigger brother who was impactful on my life, personally, spiritually and conceptually.  I don’t think you understand the brevity of life until you don’t have someone you have interacted with in love, arguments, fights, hatred, making up after fights.

I pretty much had a love hate relationship with him, most likely because of the age difference and our personalities were poles apart.  Couple years before he died out of the blue, we had one of the major blow up any two sibling can have and ultimately spent the next year and a half ignoring each other while living in the same state.  Short story of it all: when I got wind that he was sick, not having any knowledge of the seriousness of what was going on with him is the time that we sort of tried to make a good show of it.  I visited as much as I could at the hospital, his home, and finally the hospice.

He practically died in my arms the final day of his life and some might say, well you got the chance to make peace; but this wasn’t how I wanted it to be.   You can’t have healthy fights with someone who you know is about to die.  If you win the fight you feel guilty as if you are taking advantage of someone who won’t be around for much more of their lives. You want the playing field to be more solid or equal so that winners enjoy winning and losers grit their teeth and say, I’ll get you next time”.

At the same token, you don’t want to have someone up in your heart and the next time you see them is laid out in a coffin, never having made reparation or having resolved any outstanding issues.  What am I trying to say with this little blog thingy? That thing called “pride, ego, saving face, emotionalism” let it go.  Make someone who thinks you are such a hard nose rethink who you are and even if you have to make the first move, get in there and love them something hard.

You aren’t moving in with them, or holding the bag for them either; just a call and say hi, I missed your voice, just wanted to see how you are doing.  Even though they don’t thaw out at first, call today, tomorrow, the day after.  Retrieve the grace which I know you have within you, after all lady, you have got such class within you and dude, you were born to shine.

If you are reading this blog today, it’s because you were meant to and I know that something wonderful is about to change in your life. Live each day with people in your life and those who ought to be special to you as if it is the last day you will ever see them.


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4 Responses to Hey, I might not see you Tomorrow or ever again, but I love you!!

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  2. Ps.LoveDevin says:

    This post truly touched me. In my family someone who I never met but wish I could have, passed away suddenly and it effected very very close loved ones to me…loved ones who wish they could have taken things back, words in particular, a fight, but never got the chance too. So I may not know directly how important it is to “Love them something hard” before an unfortunate turn of events but I have seen how it effects others and people that I love which definitely effects me indirectly. Its so often we forget, we get caught up in a situation. What a beautiful post of raw emotion, experience, and feeling. I will definitely take this with me as another reminder to approach all beings with love. Thank you for sharing.

    • vwoods1212 says:

      Thanks for reading; its been several years since I experienced my falling out and ultimate death of my brother, and today I tell myself that I’m fine, but that’s only when I consciously don’t think about it, but wow, when your guard is down, that feeling can creep up on you and be explosive.
      Glad that this helped in some way…I am still in healing.

      • Ps.LoveDevin says:

        I am sorry for your loss and I wish you nothing but love an inner peace throughout your healing.

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