My Praying Cat Brenda Starr Woods

Brenda Starr Praying


My most cherished pastime is spending time in God’s presence. I am awed that He will allow me, someone so flawed and without grace to be enthroned with His presence.  As I meet with Him, I am continually being groomed and becoming more sensitive to what He likes and it is my pleasure to accommodate these wishes.

He has blessed me with Brenda Starr, she is so attuned to my emotions, very sensitive to what is happening in our little home.  She cries when my heart is sad and the first time I saw it happen I got very scared seeing a cat cry.  I was reading an article about this model who had contracted some disease and was losing her limbs, didn’t have long to live, but she had a good disposition.  My heart melted when I read the article on CNN and as I was reading, Brenda Starr came and sat next to me on the side table. When I looked at her some big old tears were rolling down her cheek. I was freaked out.

This however, was the first instance I saw the tears.  But in mannerism I was amazed that even as I spend time meditating and praying, I saw that she would come close to me and imitate me kneeling or pacing as I spoke with my Father.  One day I saw her in this position as I rose up from prayer and it has been repeated enough that I can say it is not a flux.

I have a praying cat; her name is Brenda Starr Woods.

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4 Responses to My Praying Cat Brenda Starr Woods

  1. lenora woods wallace says:

    hi vil, i luv this, there is a smile on my face, and i appreciate it so much more since i know who is BRENDA……luv lyn.

  2. lenora woods wallace says:

    how r u anyways

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