Show me my Enemies: Do you really want to see your enemies? They might be closer than you think…

Written by: VWoods

I was totally awestruck and amazed recently by a series of events which culminated in this one “friend” of mine crying on my shoulder as she bemoaned she had been praying to the Lord to “please show me my enemies”.

God’s prophet Jeremiah known for his tears at blatant evil in the minds and operation of God’s people, as he was given spiritual insight on their behavior was privy to the conversation with God who explained to him that, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  (Jeremiah 17:9) So what is my point? When you are accustomed to walking, trotting, and stamping over individuals and have an eye set for “thyself” only, it is difficult to see that you are your worst enemy.

You see, after a series of major health scare and a revelation of Jesus (in that order); and I am not talking about the touchy feely revelation culminating in a relationship some Christians spend their entire life spouting as revelation of Christ in their lives. I mean when you have been deeply touched, your heart operated on by the Holy Spirit and you know that you know what you know types of experiences.  This is what was happening to my girlfriend and the conviction that ought to have been present in her previous walk was now activated to create a REAL understanding of consideration and AGAPE LOVE.

In her plea to God to show her the enemies in her life, God was able to demonstrate previous situations where she had mistreated others and never made the attempt to correct the relationship, but had moved on, now that she was had been operated upon by the Holy Spirit, conviction came in a strong barrage of being wrong.  She describes it as “lightning striking her eyes”. I could not help but laugh.

I do think there is more work there for God, but who am I to judge and I don’t really, because I am praying that something marvelous come out of this testimony of seeking after enemies…There is none so deceived as those who refuse to see; I know God was right in His conversation with Jeremiah….May God help us.


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