Predators in the Pews— Yes Even in the Church

Writer: V Woods

I had a very interesting conversation with a girlfriend (let’s call her Chrissie), of mine who is a cop as well; she was sharing a very interesting experience she had on the job recently.  I laughed hysterically because it was, well, FUNNY.  I smiled internally as well because it was reminiscent of an experience someone very close to me (we’ll call her Missy) had undergone at a church service, but although Chrissie had hers on her job, Missy’s was in a church and the perpetrator was one of the junior ministers and this gave me cause for pause.

Chrissie is pretty cute, has been blessed with unusual fine features, so I am not sure why she chose to be a cop, but you never know what drives some individuals, right?  Nevertheless, she was acting in an administrative position and was standing in proxy for a supervisor who had been attending training.  On this specific day, a co-worker (we can call him Prince), yes Prince had been giving her the once and twice over, but Chrissie was not only married, she was not interested in conducting an interoffice affair with someone her junior and who she might have to discipline if the case arises.

He turns up in her office when she came back from lunch one Wednesday and asks to speak to her privately; she invites him in and asks that he close the door.  He does this, then stride toward the desk behind which she is sitting and she waited in curiosity to see what he wanted.  He then whispers, “can I get a kiss?”  She was shocked, but managed to compose herself and asked in return, “you want a kiss?” He shakes his head yes.  She indicates with her right index finger that he should get closer.  When he came very close, she whispers, “close your eyes”.  He was very anxiously and pushed himself into her space with his lips puckered and eyes closed.  The next sensation he felt was her hand slapping against his head very hard, she smacked him around in the office and he took off running from the office.

She got called to her senior superintendent office, because obviously there were many witnesses to the beating she gave him….In her repeating the story, it took me a very long time to get control of myself, I was laughing so hard.  Now you might ask why I contrast this to Missy’s very own interesting encounter in the church.  It was funny really in hindsight.  As told by Missy, who is someone I mentored spiritually, she remembers being in a very powerful and movingly intense service; the church was arranged where the elders sat in chairs surrounding the pulpit.  Most churches I have been to have the same arrangement; Missy is a young believer as well, so she was totally not expecting this level of predatory behavior in a church setting, because she is in my opinion, very trusting.  She expressed that she thought folks in church were sanctified and behaved themselves appropriately.

Boy was she in for a shocking experience: as the service ended, she actually paid attention to the one elder who had been staring fixedly at her throughout the preaching.  He actually had her searching her life to see if she had sin in her life.  She admitted that she had been feeling a bit uncomfortable and was wondering how to sneak out quickly.  Nevertheless, as soon as the benediction ended, she tried contacting her sister who she had gotten separated from, to indicate that she was leaving out and would catch up with her a bit later.  Shoot, too late, as the elder came pushing toward her in the crowd.  Missy indicated that she had a kinda tremulous look on her face as she smiled and waited to see what scathing revelation he would come out with against her life (she had come up with a few things while she was doing soul-searching as a result of his piercing stare earlier).

He took my right hand and is shaking it vigorously, and then he says, “come here and give me a hug”.  In the process of giving a “sanctified hug”, this guy managed to press himself hard against her thigh and everything was “hard”.  She actually thought he had a “weapon” in the direction of his “down there”; which had no part of her expectation of experiencing in the middle of the greeting line of a church congregation. She recoiled as if I had been bitten by a big snake (not funny) and spun around, grabbed her bag and ran out to her car. The blood of Jesus, Satan just showed up and manifested himself on the pulpit.

In the telling of this saga, she had me laughing hysterically and wondered what the hell just happened.  I was staring at her at one point to see if she was making it up, but I could tell she was shaking and upset…(Et tu…yes, even in the church). I was laughing because I did not think it was possible to be so accosted in public, and especially in church as she was reporting.  I was looking at a graphic example of predatory behavior in the church and quick action was needed in ministering to this young lady to interrupt the attack against her relationship with Christ.

The first methodology was to reassure her that this was not appropriate and acceptable behavior before God by any of His ministers.  The important action was not even the reputation of the church or even predators on the pulpit, but the soul of Missy. I remember a story in the bible with Eli and his sons in their behavior to God’s offering and to His people in the book of 1 Samuel 2 (KJV).  I remember also that God did not take kindly to this type of behavior and His judgment was quick and thorough; he came through and purged the threshing floor, according to His promise to His servant Samuel, who was but a child at the time.

I could not suggest that Missy leave out of that congregation because of the action of one individual, but I did incorporate some necessary actions to the leadership.  I wish I could say that everything was resolved as is indicated in scriptures, “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother” (St Matthew 18:15 (KJV). In the first instance, Missy is a babe in Christ, so I am thinking she did the appropriate thing by consulting with someone she knew apart from the situation; I don’t think she was aware of the scripture for adjudicating such actions.  I am also glad that despite her lack of spiritual awareness, she was willing to let the process of someone interceding for her work on her behalf and not propel her to run hell-bent back into the world.

As I indicated at the beginning of this report, this type of behavior has been expressed by two different individuals, one from the secular forum and one in the church, but we the body of Christ is called to a higher calling and the expectation that the sheep who come to Christ are protected from the forces of evil very evident in the churches today.

The conclusion from these two events in my mind is the government seriously has some business to attend to right here and now, but God also really has some business to attend to when he returns. Who knows, His judgment might start to fall TODAY against these demons officiating from the pulpit. LORD HELP US!!

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