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Hey Someone Needs you Desperately–Sound the Alarm

Written by: V Woods Surrendering to God includes more than yourself—Sound the Alarm!!!Have you ever considered the state of mankind and considered the leverage the adversary has with your sons, your daughters, your husbands, your wives, your brothers and your … Continue reading

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God Knows Your Name and Your Address

Written by: V Woods I know Your Name, Saith the Lord That fight you constantly keep having with church folks which leaves you upset to the point that you give in your resignation and moved on to another congregation; or … Continue reading

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The Power of Sacrificial Praise–God has Got to Show up if I do it right

The Power of Sacrificial Praise..,V Woods I have heard of the power of God and the manifest presence of God and I have experience visitations from Jesus on a personal, power and out of this world level, but I long … Continue reading

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Predators in the Pews— Yes Even in the Church

Writer: V Woods I had a very interesting conversation with a girlfriend (let’s call her Chrissie), of mine who is a cop as well; she was sharing a very interesting experience she had on the job recently.  I laughed hysterically … Continue reading

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Know what your friend is saying (The Friend of God Knows God)

Moses level of intimacy with God was such that sometimes only a few words were needed between them and even in the tone that they were uttered, Moses understood the ramifications behind them.  For instance when Moses came under leadership … Continue reading

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The Friend of God, Knows God

Writer: V Woods When you are a friend of God, the dialogue, the direction is impeccable and there is the repartee after all we can acknowledge that the Holy Ghost, which is the Spirit of God, does indeed have a … Continue reading

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Does Your Hospital Need Accreditation – St. Matthew 11:25-30

Writer: V Woods Consider this scenario: You don’t feel so good within yourself, your body just doesn’t appear to be working as it ought to, as it would normally.  You decide to visit the local emergency room, because this is … Continue reading

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